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  • Donation drive to upgrade server RAM

    Since you guys always want more, we need more
    There have been talks of adding more ARK servers lately and I'm pretty sure we need to spruce up our Minecraft servers as well. To facilitate this our server needs more RAM. Right now it has 4x8GB plus 4x16GB for a total of 96GB of RAM. To upgrade the RAM we need to replace the 4x8GB with 4x16GB of RAM. That will cost somewhere around 700 euro. And since Paypal always eats up a bit of the donations, I've set the goal to 750.

    So if you want to support us in general, or for the specific purpose of upgrading the server's RAM. Now is the time to do so! People have sort of pledged 400 euro so far. Now let's see how fast we can fill up that thermoter.

    Please use one of the donation options on our Home page. I've kicked things off with a donation of 150 euro.
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