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  • HappyDiggers Vanilla server updated to 18w31a

    The HappyDiggers Vanilla server has been updated to 18w31a and now has a brand new world to explore. I've waited a bit before updating the Vanilla server since there were more than a few issues with Minecraft 1.13. A bunch of game breaking bugs have been resolved and performance has improved a bit with the last two snapshots since 1.13's release though there is still some rubber banding to be had. Overall there are still some issues but I think we should be OK for now.

    The new spawn is located on the beach of a jungle biome (see screenshot above). The sea nearby is warm and has colorful coral. Beyond the jungle to the south are extreme hills or mountains, great for base building. Beyond the jungle to the east are sunflower plains. Now go get exploring
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      Lots of activity in the past few days. Very excited to browse the many projects we have going!
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