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  • Server hardware upgrade this weekend - update

    Somewhere this weekend I'll be upgrading our server hardware. I'm not sure when exactly, you'll know when everything is down. Sorry!

    I'm going to replace the 14-core/28-thread Intel Xeon E5 2680 v4 2.2GHz. CPU with 12-core/24-thread AMD Threadripper 1920X 3.5GHz CPU. While that leaves us with fewer cores and threads, it does gives us a boost in IPC and much higher clock speeds. Overall things should be considerably faster with the new CPU.

    Of course I can't simply put an AMD CPU into an Intel motherboard. The motherboard will be replaced by an Asrock X399 Taichi. This new motherboard has two 8-pin CPU connectors so I'm also upgrading the power supply to a Corsair RM850X.

    You can read more about the server hardware stuff on our forum:

    All of this new hardware is paid for by our generous donors and Jiro who is taking the old server parts of my hands. Thank you all for supporting us

    The upgrade has been completed!
    As always. If you notice anything out of the ordinary or not working as it should then please let us know.
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