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  • First Minecraft snapshot of 2019

    This year has seen a bit of a slow start al around it seems. No sweat, I'm sure things will pick up soon enough. Fow now a new snapshot has arrived: Minecraft 1.14 snapshot 19w02a. Install it in your launchers and go muck about on the HappyDiggers Snapshot server. There's a bunch of new stuff that looks interesting.

    Changes in 19w02a

    • Added Campfire
    • Added Cartography Table functionality
    • Added Lectern functionality
    • Performance improvements
    • Fixed bugs
    • Added teammsg command which sends a message to all players on your team


    Come one, come all, and toast your buns around the campfire!

    • Decorative fireplace without fire spread
    • Cooks up to four foods, but slowly
    • Acts as a smoke signal you can see very (VERY!) far away when a hay bale is below (hint: think note blocks!)
    • Cosy light source
    • Can be lit/unlit

    Cartography Table functionality

    • Fancy UI which more closely represents what the recipes actually do functionally
    • Provides an easier and simpler way of cloning, extending, and locking of maps
    • Map locking allows you to lock maps in the Cartography Table with a glass pane so that they can no longer be modified


    Ermahgerd berks... holder... thingy?

    • Right-click empty lectern to place book
    • Right-click lectern with book to open
    • Current page is persistent and shared between all readers
    • Emits redstone pulses when page is changed
    • Use comparator to get book reading progress

    teammsg command

    General syntax: teammsg <message> Sends <message> to all players on the team of the player who runs the command. Available to all players on a team.


    • tm <message>

    Fixed bugs in 19w02a

    • MC-73604 - Spectator can interact with beacon
    • MC-88326 - Other players' items are dropped when closing beacon interface while they are choosing effect
    • MC-92759 - Luck and Bad Luck don't work with double chests
    • MC-93483 - Spectators opening Loot Table (double)Chests will generate the items inside
    • MC-126184 - Luck doesn't work with shulker box
    • MC-135764 - Incorrect plural in stat.minecraft.clean_shulker_box's translation value
    • MC-137532 - Loom does not update preview when changing dyes
    • MC-137647 - Firework Rockets Fired From Crossbow Slide Across The Ground
    • MC-139991 - When witch was spawned by the witch hut, command or spawn egg, it will not actively attack the players
    • MC-140049 - Illager patrol leader lacks the illager banner on the head, when it was spawned in the raid
    • MC-140322 - Grindstone resistant to any explosion
    • MC-140594 - Raid bar will disappear after being filled in snowy villages
    • MC-140790 - Multiplayer server crash at end of raids
    • MC-140944 - Summoning illager near a villager - Second wave raid is loading on at same time - Fatal Ticking Entity crash
    • MC-140953 - Recipe toasts for smoker/blast furnace use crafting table icon
    • MC-140959 - small_fireball entity ID is broken
    • MC-140982 - Bell has no animation when used by another player
    • MC-140986 - Comparator does not detect items in barrels
    • MC-141019 - When appending list entries in another list, the entries get appended in reverse order
    • MC-141360 - Evokers / vindicators / illusioners / pillagers have a gap between their legs
    • MC-141393 - Skeleton riding a turtle or parrot crashes the game
    • MC-141533 - Incorrect advancements background textures
    • MC-141603 - Fences, walls, glass panes and iron bars diffuse/filter skylight
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