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  • HappyDiggers TFC updated to TerraFirmaCraft

    The HappyDiggers TFC server has been udpated to TerraFirmaCraft Dries007 has made the following changes:

    • *Massive* performance boost by changing order of `isNearSupport`.
    • Changed tickrate of cobble and other collapsing blocks to 20 (from 3)
    • Improved grass spreading performance
    • Fixed crash with BlockOre's scanVisible
    • Fixed crash with WorldGenBerryBush's createBush

    We haven't done a lot of testing yet. But first indications are that this new release runs a lot better than the previous one. Great job dries

    You can download this new version of TFC here.

    HappyDiggers TFC server IP:
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    1. CalangoMC's Avatar
      CalangoMC -
      While im thinking the TFC mod is lost in the timeline, and this surprise.
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