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  • Server is moving soon-ish - update

    I've moved home recently and left the server behind! Somewhere this month the server will be moved to my new home. I'm not sure yet when this will be exactly.

    This means on moving day (for the server) the website and servers will be unavailable for a bit. I also have to change DNS records to "happydiggers.net" points to my new IP address. Usually this update goes quickly but in some cases it can take up to 24 hours before the change is replicated to the DNS servers you guys are using.

    The server has been moved. While I'm still using the same provider and same 100mbit/s fiber connection, it seems there's a few minor issues that needs to be resolved. Right now the server is sitting behind a Zyxel modem that basically forwards everything to the PFsense router that's running on the server. This is less than ideal but I couldn't get PFsense to get an IP from my provider. I'll try calling them next week and get this resolved.

    And becuase we were sitting behind the Zyxel router we had another issue with dynamic IPs. So the Zyxel router gave a DHCP lease to the PFsense router. I forwarded everything from the Zyxel to the PFsense router. And then the server went down and when it was back up again it got a different IP from the Zyxel router because why not? (spoiler: it's a piece of crap and I want to get rid of the Zyxel as soon as possible). So I made the IP lease static and now this shouldn't happen anymore.

    We've had two power outages since we moved. This was due to something being plugged into a faulty extension cord in the kitchen. We've thrown the faulty extension cord out and hopefully that'll be the last of that
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