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  • HappyDiggers Ark Servers Open For Play In The USA!

    It has been several long months since the Ark servers have gone down, but the servers are officially up and running in the USA! The server IPs have changed slightly.

    It's possible we may be looking into redoing our current PvP server cluster with something a bit more balanced, but in the mean time the Ark PvP servers will remain "as is".

    The servers are now being run on Linux. This means that we can't use our old ArkAPI plugins, but I did manage to finagle a discord Cross Ark Server chat package that has some of the features our plugins originally did. The HappyDiggers discord Ark server channel has two way communication with the Ark servers and also updates with the status of the Ark servers.

    Ark Linux has come a long way since the beta days, but that doesn't mean it will be smooth sailing. There are pros and cons to this switch, and there may be some growing pains. Many of the big scripts are completed and thoroughly tested, but that doesn't mean they're going to work 100%, so there could be some crashes and downtime occasionally due to errors.

    Currently, the servers will do an auto-update check for the game version and mod versions every hour. The servers will auto-backup once a day. The auto scripts have built in warning systems that will alert users on the discord and in the ark servers of potential downtime.

    The new PvE Ark server has been added as well. It utilizes the ISO Crystal Islands map. For the first few weeks it will be a VIP and staff accessible map. After the testing period has passed, it will be opened to the public for play! The server rules will be a little different, this is the first time we've run a PvE Ark server.
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      InsaneJ -
      Great job, Jiro
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      Jiro MVP
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      Quote Originally Posted by LegendOfAir View Post
      Jiro MVP
      Actually InsaneJ MVP. The server would be very different without his direction and help, and not different in a good way
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