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  • Classic Game. New Server. More Adventures! Starbound Joins HappyDiggers!

    If you like Minecraft, Terraria, Sidescrolling games, and unlimited randomly generated game-play potential, this may be the game for you. This server is a heavily modded Starbound universe that adds a crazy amount of content and game-play beyond the base game.

    Starbound takes the same game-play concept as Terraria and applies it into a UNIVERSE setting.

    • There is a long and in depth questing line.
    • There are 32 playable character races to choose from, each one having unique quests, abilities, and attributes. You can travel between solar systems in your own custom built ship.
    • Each solar system has varying levels of difficulties, planets, stars, moons, enemy/friendly ships, space stations, and so much more.
    • Each planet and moon varies in size (both depth and surface length), environments, enemy and friendly races inhabiting, dungeons, secret places... the list goes on!
    • You get a fully customized Mech robot for space battles, exploration, and whatever else you want to use a giant robot for!
    • Are you into guns, swords, unique borderlands-like weapons? Starbound has an expansive loot system.
    • What if you're just into farming, animal breeding, building, exploring? You can do that too!
    • You can play in parties, or go solo all the way. In parties players can share their teleporter destinations and complete quest lines together.
    • Are you mechanical in nature? Complex farms are a thing with these mods depending on how far you want to go. Think HappyDiggers AMP

    Okay that's enough 'basic' game info for now.

    If you want to play, here's what you'll need:

    - Starbound the game
    - Subscription to all of the mods on the HappyDiggers Starbound mod collection list.
    - Note: If you have previous Starbound save data, back it up before adding mods. These mods will affect any old characters/universes.
    - You must check "Allow Assets Mismatch" in your options menu.
    - And finally, use this IP: starbound.happydiggers.net:6096

    This game is quite a bit different in terms of how it can be 'administrated', so I ask that folks follow our basic HappyDiggers rules listed on the Servers page and use common sense!
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    1. InsaneJ's Avatar
      InsaneJ -
      Don't you just love it that we now have 3 physical servers we can use to host various games on like this?
    1. LegendOfAir's Avatar
      LegendOfAir -
      Quote Originally Posted by InsaneJ View Post
      Don't you just love it that we now have 3 physical servers we can use to host various games on like this?
      It's pretty exciting ;p
    1. Marius49's Avatar
      Marius49 -
      Awesome! You've done a fantastic job setting up the servers Jiro!
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