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  • HappyDiggers Vanilla updated to 1.14.3

    Today the HappyDiggers Vanilla server has been updated to Minecraft 1.14.3. This new version comes with a lot of bug fixes that plagued 1.14.2. Let's hope it runs a bit better too!

    Here's the changelog:

    CHANGES IN 1.14.3

    • Items can now be repaired by crafting them together again
    • Reverted the enchanting system to how it was before 1.14
    • Torches, lanterns and pressure plates can now be placed on glass panes and iron bars
    • Lanterns can now be attached below iron bars and glass panes
    • Saturation is no longer required for the "How did we get here?" advancement
    • You can now turn off raids with '/gamerule disableRaids true'
    • Patrol changes:
    • Vindicators are no longer part of patrols
    • Doubled the minimum time to spawn from 5 + (up to 1) minutes to 10 + (up to 1) minutes
    • Patrols no longer spawns if the block light level disallows monster spawning
    • Patrols are now allowed to spawn in any biome except mushroom biomes
    • Villagers that are panicking now have a bigger chance of spawning Iron Golems, assuming they can occasionally work and sleep
    • "Last slept" and "last worked" is now saved properly for Villagers
    • Farmers now spend more time farming when they are working
    • Farmers can now always give away food even if other villagers don't need it
    • Improved performance
    • Fixed bugs

    FIXED BUGS IN 1.14.3

    • MC-47699 - Blazes are able to see a player through blocks
    • MC-72390 - Rcon is not thread-safe
    • MC-74407 - Villager inventories can get into a state where villagers cannot do anything useful
    • MC-93892 - Fire/Flame arrows and fireballs set player on fire even when blocking with shield
    • MC-110004 - Enderman/blaze don’t drop experience when hit with splash/lingering potion
    • MC-123836 - Double blocks aren’t loaded in structures
    • MC-124170 - Performance issue with particles causing lag
    • MC-129491 - Advancement location trigger works inconsistently for structures added in 1.9 or later
    • MC-138053 - Gamerule spectatorsGenerateChunks being false prevents chunks from being loaded
    • MC-139257 - Server crash on reload when worldborder is modified.
    • MC-141301 - Illager patrols spawning on blocks mobs shouldn’t spawn on, such as slabs, carpets, stairs, etc.
    • MC-142360 - Pillagers patrols can spawn pillagers on top of trees inside a leaf block
    • MC-143369 - Wandering trader text implies trades refresh
    • MC-144107 - Miscalculation of camera position in windowed mode on Linux
    • MC-144507 - The legs on cats clip through to the top of the model
    • MC-144929 - When there is water above a water source, other water sources adjacent to the water source flow outwards
    • MC-145863 - Villagers breed even if there are not enough beds
    • MC-146433 - Double Chest does not display custom name
    • MC-146835 - Illager captain spawned from raids will still give the bad omen effect to its killer, causing raids to never end
    • MC-147619 - Foxes that trust a player will still avoid wolves and other players they’re angry towards instead pursuing them
    • MC-147851 - Villagers frequently run right into mobs they’re “trying” to avoid
    • MC-148600 - Zombie pigmen will spread their anger forever if they can continously respawn
    • MC-148610 - Hostile mobs spawning on top Trapdoors, Glowstone and Sea Lanterns
    • MC-148986 - Low-tier enchants from lv.30 standard enchanting setups
    • MC-149372 - Game crashes when opening a 1.13.2 world
    • MC-149443 - Iron golems spawn too often
    • MC-149518 - Skylight appearing under blocks
    • MC-149877 - Baby foxes suffocate when jumping under blocks
    • MC-150319 - I can’t load up my minecraft world after doing /kill
    • MC-150401 - Chickens suffocate if jumping while under a solid block
    • MC-150954 - Pillager Patrol spawn is way off. Spawning too close to each other, in odd biomes, and too frequent.
    • MC-151079 - An employed villager quickly becomes unemployed and employed when he works, even if his workstation has not been deleted.
    • MC-151084 - Chunk rendering is slow and random in 1.14.1 (pre 1)
    • MC-151144 - Hostile mobs in lazy chunks no longer count towards mob cap, breaking mob switches
    • MC-151185 - Game crash after breaking villager point of interest
    • MC-151337 - Mob spawn rate too high
    • MC-151346 - Crash while F3 menu tries to access tags while /reload-ing
    • MC-151395 - Farmers create Bread ONLY when they pick up at least 3 wheat AT ONCE
    • MC-151566 - Pillagers patrols can spawn outside world border
    • MC-151710 - Enties not functioning in forceloaded chunks
    • MC-151753 - More than one raid can happen in a village
    • MC-151771 - Villagers don’t try to run away from zombie villagers
    • MC-151772 - Mob cap in the hundreds to over 1000 per player.
    • MC-151802 - Spawning causes massive TPS CPU load on a flat world.
    • MC-151989 - Players in Survival do not get Dolphins Grace effect if Dolphin cannot path to Player
    • MC-151995 - Patrol Leaders spawning without banner
    • MC-152044 - Baby trader llamas disappear immediately
    • MC-152053 - High client-side lag when pistons activate
    • MC-152228 - Can not /summon trader llama
    • MC-152542 - Resource Warning “Codepoint ‘1ed0’ declared multiple times in minecraft:textures/font/accented.png”
    • MC-152638 - Villager trade GUI does not close when a major change happens to the Villager, leading to free trades and quick stock refreshing
    • MC-152810 - Cat’s natural spawning causes Null Pointer Exception
    • MC-153221 - dragon fireball causes FPS to crash
    • MC-153222 - Broken/Incorrect recipe files cause a data pack not to load with nothing in log
    • MC-153470 - Language map does not close internal ‘en_us.json’ file after reading
    • MC-154000 - When dispenser places shulkerbox it decreases its stack twice.
    • MC-154080 - Wandering Trader trade GUI does not close when the Wandering Trader changes dimensions allowing you to trade infinitely
    • MC-154081 - Opening survival inventory when opening world crashes game
    • MC-154092 - Zombie Pigmen lose aggro even when they’re in range and have a line of sight
    • MC-154239 - NPE server crash when painting entities spawned with mob spawn eggs are saved
    • MC-154328 - The Village Siege (Zombie Siege) never happens
    Comments 2 Comments
    1. Heptagon_ru's Avatar
      Heptagon_ru -
      Noice, thanks! I guess the one about mushroom biome is J's favourite
    1. InsaneJ's Avatar
      InsaneJ -
      Yep Mushroom biomes shouldn't spawn mobs naturally. The whole Phantom business is just silly. They shouldn't spawn there either. It's basic lore Mojang! /rant
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