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  • Ark Servers Get a Revamp! New Servers! New Playstyle!

    Out with the old... In with the new!

    A new PvE cluster has been created with the maps Crystal Isles and Valguero. The PvP servers are subsequently being shut down.

    The Old

    Reasons for removal of PvP:
    • I've tracked only 6 total hours of play time between all 5 PvP servers for a month which means I'm blowing 45 Gigs of RAM for no reason.
    • PvP servers require more staff intervention/moderation for which I don't have the dedicated staff I once had, including myself.
    • HappyDiggers in general is PvE, so this falls inline with our typical gaming atmosphere.
    • The servers were treated as PvE by many of the regular players to begin with which was also a frequent complaint I would receive.

    This doesn't mean PvP is gone for good. I'm allowing inter tribe wars on PvE with the configuration setting that lets 2 tribes enter into an agreed upon PvP tribe war. Full on PvP servers could still be added again in the future if some of the above mentioned points are addressed (such as staffing).

    The New!

    The PvE cluster will start with 2 new maps we haven't seen before along with some mod and rate changes. More maps (old and new) may be added down the line.

    Crystal Isles ark.happydiggers.net:32015

    Valguero ark.happydiggers.net:31015



    • Difficulty 5
    • Max Wild Dino Level - 150 (Official Rate)
    • Max Player Level - 105 (Official Rate), Ascension - 120, Rockwell - 135
    • Taming - 3x
    • Baby Growth - 3x
    • Baby Consumption - 1x
    • Harvest - 3x
    • Experience - 1x
    • Nanny Imprint Bonus - 10%
    • Unsnapped Structure Decay (spam prevention)
    • Oxygen Swim Speed - 4x
    • Unlimited Mindwipes


    • Tribes may only have 2 bases per map. (be reasonable with size please, 1 player doesn't need 5% of the map)
    • No long term foundation spamming or area claiming. (structure decay is in play)
    • No blocking loot caves, major resource collection areas, and obelisk terminals.
    • Small 3x3 foundation (max) outposts are exempt from the 2 base rule, but if they obstruct resources, caves, spawns, or another tribe wants the area for a main base area it must be removed.
    • Small, temporary dino traps must be removed after the tame is complete.
    • Large, re-usable dino traps must be open to the public (all containers/doors unlocked)
    • 500 tamed dinos per tribe, per server config limit
    • Any hacking, duplicating, under-meshing, or game abuse will not be tolerated.
    • Basic HappyDiggers Rules

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    1. InsaneJ's Avatar
      InsaneJ -
      After running ARK servers for well over 3 years, I may have to give ARK a go now that we're doing PvE. Thanks Jiro!
    1. Dourne's Avatar
      Dourne -
      Jiro's next base. #required

    1. Jiro_89's Avatar
      Jiro_89 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Dourne View Post
      Jiro's next base. #required

      Attachment 3896
    1. Dourne's Avatar
      Dourne -
      Quote Originally Posted by Jiro_89 View Post
    Untitled Document