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  • Ark News: Extinction Returns to the Server Lineup!

    The wastelands are back. Extinction rejoins the HappyDiggers cluster as a PvE server. All Extinction configurations will mimic the Crystal Isles and Valguero servers. Cross server travel will also be fully available.

    In order to facilitate a faster addition of the server for players to get Extinction content, there was relatively little play testing (a few hours vs our normal week). The transition of the server from PvP to PvE should be relatively painless, but if any issues arise please post the issues in the forums.

    Extinction server direct link: ark.happydiggers.net:30015

    Further out...

    Additional servers are still under consideration with special interest in "everything" modded maps that include a boat load of content. Classic content maps are also under consideration such as The Island and Aberration. The new DLC being released this holiday season will 100% be added to the Ark cluster. How fast it will be added will depend on the developers and how server friendly the new content will be.
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