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    Snapshot server auto-update

    Does anyone know if Mojang puts up a list of added features automatically? I've just added a... Go to last post

    InsaneJ 27th March 2020 20:41

    Snapshot server auto-update

    This automation is getting out hand :D I wonder what marvels gonna be there in a year :D

    Here is... Go to last post

    Heptagon_ru 27th March 2020 11:49

    Snapshot server auto-update

    This seems to be working well so far. The Snapshot server has been automatically updated twice in... Go to last post

    InsaneJ 26th March 2020 22:11

    HappyDiggers VIP Vanilla Server 1.13-1.15.2 Farewell tour

    Great tour! Remember running through some of these builds, haha. Go to last post

    LegendOfAir 23rd March 2020 05:01
  • Ark Thanksgiving Event

    The HappyDiggers Ark Thanksgiving event is now live. See below for event specific features and bonuses.

    New Event Items
    - Pilgrim Hat
    - Bonnet Hat
    - Turkey Hat
    - Turkey Leg club skin
    - Pitchfork Pike Skin
    - Thanksgiving-inspired Dino Colorization Candy
    - 3 sets of Event-themed underwear (tops and bottoms)

    New Event Emotes

    - Belly Rub Emote
    - Hungry Emote
    - Food Coma Emote

    Wild Creature Event Colors

    - Light Orange
    - Light Red
    - Dark Red
    - Dino Light Red
    - Dino Light Orange
    - Dino Dark Red
    - Yellow
    - Dino Albino
    - DragonFire
    - DragonBase1
    - DragonBase0
    - Light Yellow
    - Brown
    - Dino Albino
    - NearBlack
    - Light Brown
    - Dino Darker Grey

    Prior Event Skins

    - Chieftain Hat

    Prior Event Creatures:
    - DodoRex (Temporary tame)
    - Turkeys

    Prior Event Items:

    - DodoRex Tribute
    - Wishbone
    Untitled Document