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  • Server upgraded with stupid fast hardware

    The HappyDiggers Minecraft server has been upgraded. It's now running on an AMD Ryzen 9 3950X with 128GB of 3600MHz RAM. As far as desktop systems go, this is the fastest you can currently get. To top it off I've also installed a Noctua NH-D15 CPU cooler. All in all this upgrade cost me a little over 1900 Euro.

    With this new hardware we can run some more of those heavy to run Minecraft servers like Technode Firmacraft for Minecraft 1.12 and perhaps even HappyDiggers AMP for 1.6.4 again.

    There's still a bit of work to be done sorting everything. For example right now the second LAN port on the motherboard isn't working due to lack of driver support. It's a Realtek RTL8125-CG which is currently not supported by VMWare ESXi. As a work around I've installed a quad port Intel server network card. Not a big deal, but I'd prefer to get the onboard device working as I need the expansion slots for something else later

    For those who are interested in the hardware aspect of this server (rember, Jiro and Sverf also run their own servers!), you can follow along in this forum thread.
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    1. LegendOfAir's Avatar
      LegendOfAir -
      Awesome! Great work J!
    1. Marius49's Avatar
      Marius49 -
      That's a very nice upgrade! Thank you for all the hard work J!
    1. Elbe97's Avatar
      Elbe97 -
      What a beast
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