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There have been a lot of great builds in Minecraft. Awesome castles, amazing landscapes, insanely complicated red stone contraptions, you imagine it, it's been done

But only a few builds manage to get me really excited. This video of Qhul-Rahav is one of them.

As some of you may know, I'm a huge Serious Sam fan. I've played them all, several times through. And when watching this video, I was immediately reminded of all the awesome battles in ancient Egypt. I could almost hear the screaming of headless kamikazes as the video progressed. The style, theme and music all are very Serious Sam-like. It's awesome!

The author of this build has the following to say:
Ar-Selukk is a lush and luxurious oasis city-state formerly ruled by Sav-Synav the Gilded. Its high walls defend the capitol from the sandstorms, bandits, beasts, and stranger things which dwell in the vast deserts of the western lands. Ar-Selukk is a nation rich in beauty and culture, the home of artists and poets, zealots and philosophers, dreamers and madmen; the streets of Qhul-Rahav are alive with the sounds of music, haggling merchants, public debate and devout chanting. Any who find strength in vision and inspiration will inevitably hear the siren call of Ar-Selukk. However, for all its beauty, there is danger there. All manner of thieves and scoundrels lurk in the alleyways, strange cults and dark philosophy gather adherents, and many fear for the future of the nation without a worthy patron to guide its wild energy.

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  1. demman8's Avatar
    I don't really care for minecraft builds but this is... WOW!
  2. InsaneJ's Avatar

    Who else here likes Serous Sam? Maybe we could play a few levels coop some time