What subject(s) did you or do you like in school?

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I like science. Probably more than math. I mainly like Botany when it comes to certain subjects. Plants are very interesting. Back 6 years ago I planted a avocado plants for fun. To think it's still growing today... The science teacher I have now is great when it comes to the science I like. Right now we're growing wheat as a project. By the end of the school year my 30 seeds or in wheat's case, berries, better be a farm... How awesome would that be? Heheheh. Make a mini canal with a good enough current to turn a mill wheel to grind some wheat. Make some bread and oatmeal. A true peasant breakfest! My teacher even said if I some how grow a farm of any size we'll take a field trip B)

My house is only a mile away from the school so we could even walk! Perhaps sell bread to my school? Get that cashflow going!That would be awesome...

I'm also good at math. Best in my school if you ask me. And my grade is smart... Really really smart. We've got like... 10 asians!

Anyways, peace off!


  1. InsaneJ's Avatar
    Very nice, your story made me smile

    So what do you plan on all that cash that's inevitably going to flow your way?

    To answer your question. I enjoyed science, chemistry, art and art history, economics and history. Those are also the subjects I graduated with. After that I did a year of civil engineering at which time I enjoyed fluid dynamics and calculating the strength of structures and constructions.

    Then I switched to the academy of digital communication where I liked designing web usability, interface design, change management, programming and debating.

    Now I enjoy building huge networks that span vast areas of Holland that transport traffic data to our datacenter which are then used to help traffic flow better. I also enjoyed making the designs for a systems that lets commuters know when their bus is leaving. From collecting the data that comes from busses, to a central system that processes this data, to the displays outside that show the information. Complex systems like that are awesome
  2. Mockingbird's Avatar
    Lol, my fovor subjects would be...all of them, not that I pay any attention, but James and I ussually do nothing but talk in class, were still honor role, have all the available college courses, the teachers never complain, heck, James is a prime contender for the number 1 school ranking, and he sleeps in all his classes.

    I liked science most last year, James and I had a game where, if during the lection, no body answered a question, one of us would flip a coin, the other would catch it, if it were heads, I would answer, tails, one time, James flipped it and I hit it across the room, by accident (I wasn't paying attention and thought it was a bug ^_^) the teacher went "Well, is it heads or tails?" Fun times
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    Lol, fovor, luckily I pay more attention to spelling in school, or my teachers don't care, either or ^_^
  4. noobminer101's Avatar
    Math, I like figuring out problems, Science, It's fun to learn new stuff about everything, History, I love looking back in history and learning new stuff everyday about the past, Language, Learning new ways to make people wonder what your saying in any language.