First look at Notch's new game: 0x10c

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Notch posted a first draft of the artwork and lightning for his upcomming game 0x10c. There's not much to look at yet gameplay wise, but it looks to be a sci-fi first person... something!

It's a game enspired by the demo scene. For those who don't know: this is a group of people who, amongst other things, like programming small games.
What this means for the game? Well, Notch has this to say about it:
I'm trying to design the game so you don’t have to know programming but you can share the code. If you have a friend who’s made this really awesome docking algorithm, you can put that on a floppy disk within the game and put that into your computer.

PC Gamer has an interview explaining a little more about 0x10c. Read it here.


  1. demman8's Avatar
    looks interesting. Not sure what to say about it though...
  2. InsaneJ's Avatar
    I think that's a sentiment shared by most.

    Notch is up to something, we just don't know what exactly