EA fails again!

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Due to a glitch in the coupon system of EA's Origin store, a lot of gamers got their hands on free games during the weekend. The publisher didn't fix the exploit until 18 hours after it was first discovered.

Last week EA send a group of gamers a questionnaire. If they would complete it, they'd get a code with which they could purchase $20 worth of games in the Origin store. The only problem was that this code could be redeemed over and over again. The news of this exploit of course soon found it's way to Reddit where it spread like wild fire.

People could download games like Mass Effect 1 and 2, Battlefield Bad Company, Dead Space 1 and 2, Dragon Age 2 and Need for Speed Shif absolutely free of charge.

EA fixed the exploit, but not untill after thousands of gamers got their hands on free stuff. An EA spokesman has said that they won't be using the ban hammer on users who benefited from the exploit. Which is pretty much the only good thing I've ever heard about Origin so far


  1. demman8's Avatar
    Wow. Where was I? They would've never have caught me! *vanishes in dust*