I Made A Mod! Well... Kinda...

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Well, today I only had half a school day and had some fun watching some tutorials. And guess what? I made a mod that adds a set of tools, armor, ore, and diamond like thing! How awesome? Would post pics, but I haven't sent it to my desktop yet. Will add tomorrow! If you want to check it out then well... PM MEH!
Anyways, it adds ruby based items. Since I like ruby... and red... It is in between iron and diamond. I think... Well.. At least it works!

I did make the sword stronger than iron I think...Maybe even diamond... It kills spiders through skeleton in 3 hits, and zombies in 4. Pretty awesome? It spawns in level 25 and under. At least I think I coded it too...


SCMowns is now my new love, and mentor.

Updated 18th October 2012 at 05:23 by demman8

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  1. InsaneJ's Avatar

    Welcome to the united federation of awesomeness. You are now officially a member for life

    So when can we expect a final release? And, will it have pirates and cannons and spider pig?
  2. demman8's Avatar
    I wish... My friends did give me a idea though... Drugs B)

    Gonna be uber epic. Anyways, I've got most of saturday, all of sunday, and some of friday.