Nether Station (Vanilla)

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The current progress of the Nether Station Project on the Vanilla server. One of the terminals (in the f=0 direction) is wired up and running. I am very excited for this project to be finished. My intention is to have easier transportation to each other's areas to encourage play time and reduce the dreaded "DEATH WALK."

View from the staircase (will lead to expansion in the future):
Name:  Nether Hub 1.png
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I have claimed one of the tunnels and so has RJ:
Name:  Nether Hub 2.png
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Size:  302.2 KB

Alternate view:
Name:  Nether Hub 3.png
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  1. InsaneJ's Avatar
    Looking good

    Will the station get support for redirecting mine carts? So people could go from your place to RJ's without having to board another cart at the nether station?

    I've just claimed my spot on the train station. I haven't actually started my new base yet, but I have a couple of ideas for a mountain range I found. It's going to be epic when it's done
  2. DOM's Avatar
    This station won't have that kind of support. Too much redstone.