The "FrankenStorm"

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Well, if you live in the east coast of USA then you've heard of it. It's a Level(?) 2 hurricane right now. It's supposed to skim Florida, but on Tuesday it might smash into NYC, and a jetstream, and a coldfront... It may stay near New York for 5 days... And guess who lives 2 hours away from NYC?



  1. Marius49's Avatar
    Grab a shovel fast and make a bunker... don't think you have much time left xD.
  2. demman8's Avatar
    Good thing my neighbors are digging a hole with one of those big construction things! I'll take it and dig! To the mantle!
  3. InsaneJ's Avatar
    That should keep you safe from hurricanes. But you could also just buy a tornado shelter:

    Dig a hole in your backyard, put that sucker in, survive!

    For added comfort, you could take a laptop with you and play Minecraft 1.4.2 untill the storm is over. Good luck! ^^
  4. demman8's Avatar
    Heheheh. My area has been in a decent amount of tornado trouble recently :/
  5. DOM's Avatar
    My Halloween event got cancelled for this dumb storm...
  6. demman8's Avatar
    The spook house thing? In the woods?

    All that hard work destroyed?

  7. InsaneJ's Avatar
    Awww man that sucks

    So now what? Postpone the festivities? Or is it simply the end of Halloween 2012?
  8. demman8's Avatar
    I think halloween might get cancelled in my area....


    Last year I had a giant snowstorm the 31...