Your phone is covered in feces

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Bad news everyone!
Using your phone is pretty much the same as rubbing your face with fecal matter.

HML Labs recently conducted a study for the Wall Street Journal in which they randomly selected smartphones in a Chicago office and tested them for various bacteria. All the phones they tested were contaminated with high levels of coliforms bacteria. High levels in this case means between 2700 and 4200 units on one of the phones. To put that into perspective: normal drinking water may only have 1 unit per 100 ml.

That sounds pretty bad. But because only 8 phones from 1 office were tested, you can't really make any serious conclusions based on this study. The sample size simply makes that impossible to do.

Not to turn you all into germaphobes, but:

I don't think I've ever cleaned my phone... Maybe I should just get a new one lol


  1. demman8's Avatar
    I clean my phone all the time. Thanks, dad!