The End of Towny

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Well... I'm guessing if you're on here you've seen the bad news. After over a year the towny is going down. It had a good run. We will miss the great 30 slot server that has had a great community!

List of people I remember from first server
  • me
  • dom
  • rjs
  • mrjrbacon
  • bnxboxman(?)
  • Zelphor
  • Anthony1617(though he griefed me)
  • Mortak
  • Lucas009(or somehting like that)
  • cammiman(somethign with cammi)
  • glassbucket(something like that, has a sweet house on a mountain)
  • and more! (feel free to comment some more so I can add on)
  • zombieslayer(what was that second part???)

And then there was NewbieZone, newbcity, redstone city, seaville, and my castle!

How did I forget these people?
  • lilly
  • colton
  • arka
  • demigod
  • there was one more! Just can't remember! He was obsessed with binary... >_<

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Updated 30th October 2012 at 16:49 by demman8

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  1. Ryanyo007's Avatar
    ZombieSlayer98 (Good friend of mine)