Hurrican Sandy: Sandy meme

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While people hunker in the bunker, battened up the hatches, and ran for the hills, the Internet spawns another meme. This one involves goody two-shoes-in-black-leather John Travolta and the lovely and talented lady from England Olivia Newton-John.

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I know donations are a sensitive subject around here, but I'll post a link to the American Red Cross anyway because I still have hope for you lot
Hurricane Sandy: Help Those in Need

Good luck to all the people affected by Sandy.
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  1. noobminer101's Avatar
    I love the meme's, Yesterday i was thinking the same thing, The Storm was bad but i'm sure this would cheer some people up, I will donate to the red cross and the money i have left to the server, I know the servers important but this has devastated many peoples lives, So ill donate to both,

    Thanks for the meme's j i love them.

  2. demman8's Avatar
    Wow... How do people think of these?