Returning to Youtube again

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As many people have noticed, I havent been making any YouTube videos. This is credited to a lot of things in my life in the past few months: work, new kitten, school. Most of these problems have Ben solved and I now have a little bit of spare time to record future episodes.

I have already recorded a Vanilla server episode and it is planned to release on Wednesday of this week. I will also start recording on the SkyBlock server and on the new Small World server with brand new series.

SkyBlock episodes will begin on Friday. We will start from the very beginning, with a new island, and try to complete all of the challenges.

Small World episodes should be starting a little bit after. I plan on getting settled in the map before I start that series. I plan on creating a small alliance to the west. Some if my secrets will be revealed in the series, so make sure you watch them if you want an edge against Lord DOM.

Anyways, I plan on blogging more often and reposting my videos on my blog to help people stay in tune. Also, my Twitter account will be showing when I will be playing or recording, so keep an eye on that.

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  1. InsaneJ's Avatar
    Welcome back... again

    Hope you enjoy recording them as much as we enjoy watching them. Looking forward to Wednesday
  2. Ryanyo007's Avatar
    Can't wait Dom glad to see you back in action... ill be returning once thanksgiving is over...