Multiple Server Work

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Recently I have been jumping between 4 worlds in Minecraft.

1. HappyDiggers Vanilla Server: Along with some help form Ryanyo007, I have made huge progress on the Nether Station. Ill 4 terminals are wired, most of the aesthetics have been finished (thx ryan), and all design has been completed. There is, however, a lot of work to be done: finish the floors, make it ghast-proof, lay down the tracks, wire the tracks, make it look better... Anyways, lots of work still needs to go into it and I have been on that server for WAY too much time in the past few days.

2. HappyDiggers Prison Server: Played Spleef! EPIC!!! excellent addition guys! I also worked on the "free spawn" town (still needs a name I think). I added about 10 traders to trade goods to, but there are many more that need to be added, I changed some of the look of the buildings, made things easier to get into and out of, and pondered a way to make trading fair. I plan on talking to the other admins/mods about some of my ideas in the near future.

3. Single Player World: I have been doing a lot of villager work. Basically nothing that is visable, just making sure they do not die, introducing the added building to them, allowing them to grow up, etc. I do plan on starting the series back up again, I have just run out of projects for the time being and I am not too happy with my current base...

4. HappyDiggers Small World Server: LOTS of progress made on that server. Lots of enchanting: picks, swords, shovels. I have been progressively been digging my hole (which is VERY similar to the base in my second LP world). I have layed out the rest of the wall of the kingdom, but its only 1 block high right now. We also have slain the dragon and now I own the EGG OF POWER!!!

All in all I have played too much Minecraft...


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  1. demman8's Avatar

    Anyways, was the second lets play your multiplayer towny lets play, or single player?
  2. InsaneJ's Avatar

    I just watched the video where you and Marius went to the end to slay the dragon. Hilarious that you spawned on a small floating island without enough blocks to reach the main land