Been trying out some animating...

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In the past I have tried making some short animations, but my computer was SO SLOW and it would take FOREVER to render a scene. Now that i have my new rig, I dedicated a day of play time to learning how to animate again...

Here is what I've completed so far and I've learned a lot from just creating this:

Name:  Head Bounce.gif
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(The head of my character, low res gif)

Name:  Particle Test.gif
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(Particle test)

I plan on making a few models that I can reuse in some minecraft short films. Right now I have a nice backdrop in the editor that I'm playing with. I am also learning how to insert blocks and create fun physics in my scenes. I hope to have a short film done today, but I doubt it will happen...

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  1. noobminer101's Avatar
    Wow Thats great dom, Depending on where you live you might be able to become an animator for disney in your part time xD....Not to sound rude but Thats great...I could never figure stuff like that out.
  2. Ryanyo007's Avatar
    Dom, that is really amazing. What program did you use?? its really good
  3. DOM's Avatar
    I am using Blender for now. I actually have more practice in 3DS Max, but I didnt want to download it again...
  4. demman8's Avatar
    That looks pretty cool, dom! I like the name "Headbounce.gif" :P

    Also, off topic, did you get my present on the vanilla?
  5. Mockingbird's Avatar
    Cool! You should come down to James' and my school, we have plenty of teachers, equipment, and whatnot for animation, I stay as far away as possible from it (I did declare a music major) but get wrapped up in it sometimes. Snaggle dabbles in it, and I have other friends who do it, but it's always nice to see someone taking an interest in the arts .......wait, what did I just say?! Darn you liberal arts school education! How dare you brainwash me!
  6. demman8's Avatar
    Correction, mocking, up to your school. :P