I upgraded my laptop! Well, slightly...

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Well, as we all know, my laptop sucks. In about everything. Well, the ram was half decent with 4 before though.

Well, I upgraded the ram! My dad was going to put it into my brothers computer, but he decided to get a new one, so I asked for the ram, and put it in! Now my computer is running, well I don't know... I just installed it about 1 minute ago... Anyways, I'm going to let minecraft steal 3 ram, instead of the default one. Hopefully it will make it run someone better. Maybe hit the 60 fps mark? *crosses fingers*

Well, cheers to 4 more gbs of ram!
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  1. InsaneJ's Avatar
    Did it make any difference?

    If you're having trouble with low FPS, try using OptiFine.

    My laptop from work can't really run default Minecraft, even with everything turned down. It's a Core2Duo with integrated Intel Graphics....

    So I installed Optifine D3 Light on it and that gave me even more stuff to turn down. After that Minecraft became playable. It looks pretty bad and with the view distance set to tiny you feel pretty claustrophobic inside the fog. But it's playable
  2. demman8's Avatar
    Actually, yes. It's actually making some steam games run better as well. Before in task manager everything would be in the upper 90s. Now, running, minecraft, mount&blade, interent, and various other programs, I'm getting much less memory used, allowing for more multi tasking!

    Anyways, I'm getting 60s and 70s in MC now, except for feed the beast since it doesn't have optifine/more allocated memory.
  3. wordie101's Avatar
    there is a option to allocate ram in feed the beast running 8gig for it (half what iv got ).just click the options tab on the launcher and use the slide bar to select the amount of ram you want to use
  4. demman8's Avatar
    Really? Thanks, wordie!