Addicted to FTB

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Recently I have played a lot of Feed the Beast on the FTB server...

Some things that I have done:

  • set up a temporary base
  • played with breeding bees (and got pretty good at it)
  • built automatic wheat farm and tree farm
  • completed the diamond factory in the nether
  • started to get resources for my bio-fuel project
  • built a coke oven and a blast furnace
  • made a full enchanting station

This is a small list because I cant remember everything I have done...

The most recent stuff that I have been messing with is the ComputerCraft elements. I have programmed turtles for some of the guys on the server. I have learned a whole bunch of coding. Also, I am now setting up a wireless communication network for my base and it seems to be working well so far. This part of the mod pack has a steep learning curve and I wouldn't recommend using ALL of the features if you don't have a strong background in programming like I do.

For now, I will be working on getting the kinks out of my communication network, but when its done, we will be controlling EVERYTHING from a single monitor.



  1. InsaneJ's Avatar

    But it does make one wonder. How will you ever be able to return to playing regular plain vanilla Minecraft that you loved so much?