Steam Holiday Sale 2012

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Steams holiday sale has started. Get your stockings ready and be prepared to make your wallets cry, because the season of great spending has arrived!

Or has it?

As the number of games in my Steam profile has risen well beyond 600, my lust for new games seems to have subsided. There are a ton of games I still haven't played, and a lot of games I haven't finished playing yet. Why would I want to buy any more games?

I find myself playing a select number of games over and over again. Borderlands 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Half Life 2, mostly games that have been out for quite some time and that I still enjoy playing very much.

And yet... as I see those percentages float across my computer screen the urge to buy more games is hard to resist. It's kinda like playing Borderlands. You and your friends are facing a very dangerous enemy that requires everyone to pull their weight if you guys want to survive. And yet... as soon as you see those little green lights flickering in the distance, you abandon your friends to grab some useless loot because it's oh so very yummy

I think it's best to just admit it: I'm addicted to Steam. I just can't help myself, I have to own all those cute little indie games, those awesome singleplayer adventures, the bloody mess of a good zombie apocalypse, the thrill of a cop chase, the feeling of omnipotence as I kill every single last Orc with a deviously placed trap. And I want to get them all through those crazy sales because bying stuff when it's on sale just feels good.

The Steam Holiday Sale is here again. Thank you Gabe Newel!

Try to enjoy it everyone
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  1. demman8's Avatar
    Wow, would have never noticed without this... Time to buy 2000000 games!