Merry Christmas! + Christmas Present Hunt.

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Hey guys!

This is mainly aimed at the people who are whitelisted on the Vanilla/FTB Servers, but if you want to read on, go nuts. :P

To get into the Christmas spirit I have decided to have a bit of fun, and create a little game for you guys. At spawn (Town), I have hidden one chest of goodies for each active member of the server. There is a sign explaining this at spawn as well, in case you don't see this first.

Here is a list of who I've hidden chests for:

- InsaneJ
- Wordie101
- Marius49
- Noobminer101
- Ryanyo007
- RJS1997
- KingLC
- Demman8
- Mikebrown1991
- wells101uk
- ligemyster
- imilesxv
- Zelphor

Keep in mind, I've tried my best to hide these chests as sneakily as I could. Most of them are in plain sight.If I've missed any other active-ish members then I apologize, and if you want Ill hide a chest for them as well. Also, on a side note, I've christmasified spawn a little.

So have fun finding your chests, and have a great Christmas.
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  1. Pernix_8D's Avatar
    Also, I want to see who can find the most of these hidden chests. :P Obviously, if it isn't yours, don't loot it.

    Just comment who's chests you've found. Can I ask, to make this easier, to leave your books inside your chests, so others know that it's a hidden chest etc. :P

    Okay, you may begin.
  2. InsaneJ's Avatar
    Pernix, you are awesome!

    I've promoted this to an article so this will get some more attention on the front page
  3. Pernix_8D's Avatar
    Haha, thank you.
  4. demman8's Avatar
    I can not find mine! I give up. xD
  5. InsaneJ's Avatar
    Pfff amateur

    I found yours first ^^

    Look in the area behind my house
  6. demman8's Avatar
    Still can't find it... Coords anyone? xD I am a horrible searcher.