2012 Comes to a close and We usher in 2013

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2012 was an intresting year I had some highs and some lows, I lost some friends and also gained some, I Learned new things, Dealt with tragedy and Saw some miracles, 2012 was a year for growing, learning, experincing and cherishing, I made this column for you to post how your 2012 was and how it left you feeling going on towards 2013. So post about your life the things you dd minecraft or whatever, As long as it involves what happened in 2012 and your hopes for This Up and Coming Year,

I'll make a short summary of what i have to say Well,

In 2012 there was alot of confusion Alot of people that i loved died My aunt, Neighbor and others , A few miracles were made like my newborn cousin born 12/22/12 His name cracks me up, I'm learning more and enjoing doing it in the process everyday, I Hope i get to learn more and get to do more things in 2013 and have fun doing it, And im glad the world didn't end and i knew it probably wouldn't.

So there you have my story What's yours?


  1. demman8's Avatar
    My life doesn't really change... I've made new friends, a lot actually, and a close friend moved. My grade also does not call me an alien for being smarter than most anymore....