Long Gap in Videos and Blog

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I guess it is time for another DOM update since its been a long time since I have done anything public. This is mostly a factor from the holiday season. As some of you may know, when a holiday, summer break, Halloween, winter break, spring break, etc. comes around I am a very busy man. I work in a job that is basically there BECAUSE of the various holidays and public functions. So, in short, I get paid to have fun!

Since the holiday season is now over, I will now be available to blog, manage the servers, play on all servers, and record videos. I plan on recording my next video on the FTB server after we choose our next invite to the whitelist. This may be in a few days or maybe even tomorrow (I just like to give myself a goal).

Recently though, I have been dedicating most of my play time to 1 of 2 things: FTB (since the server was reset), and Batman: Arkham City (Epic Game!). I have just completed the main story in Batman and now working on the side missions and challenge maps. On the FTB server I am slowly making my way back to where I was originally on the first server, touring some amazing build (*cough* cheating *cough*), and working on setting up the spawn town.

I plan on spending more time on the vanilla server in the future and have been dedicating about 1 hour a day on the Small World server as well. But, since FTB is my cocaine, I will probably be spending a lot of time on there.

Plans for the near (or far) future:
  • stream on downtime with no voice
  • start the Adventure series
  • try to stay consistant with uploads (similar to the last few months)

Well, thats it! Laterz!


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  1. demman8's Avatar
    Awesome! I see that you're streaming right now, since I'm watching...