Towny Spotlight

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OK! So now that the Towny is up, J and I have been adding things here and there to bring up the excitement level of the server. J added in the Spleef Arena while I did lots of tweaking with the Mob Arena (class additions, balancing, bug removal, prize changes) and everything seems to be working great!

Starting last night, I made little changes to the Spleef config:

  • Reduced price to 1 to enter
  • removed some "trash" prizes
  • balanced the existing prizes
  • had some wine...
  • removed some "high price" prizes
  • tested with Noobminer101

This morning I noticed that J had made some additions as well, mostly for mods and admins, but you will notice the start box is nicer looking and now has a gate if you get stuck in the arena from a known bug. (This is a temporary fix, as the plugin is being re-written)

Today I already added the traders in the castle stands that will effectively "trade up" your Spleef winnings to better (or more useful) items. Those include:

  • Golden Apples
  • Golden Carrots
  • Saddles
  • Cobwebs
  • Mossy, Cracked, and Chiseled Smooth Brick
  • AND every Music Disc

I hope this is balanced, as none of the items should kill the economy...

Today my plans include making the other traders in HarborTown that belong in the many abandoned houses south of the castle. Players will be able to trade items for items, or "tokens" for items. All of the trades are still to be decided though...

Hope you all have fun!