My Minecraft Decision

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Wow... Its been a few weeks since I've actually enjoyed playing Minecraft. This is from all of the server admin stuff that I've been involved with and my busy weekend schedule. Recently this week, I took a few days break away from anything Minecraft related (no coding, no research, no playing) and I actually noticed that I had been very stressed while doing all of that stuff. I couldn't think straight, I would sit in my office for an entire day, I gained a few pounds, I was neglecting my loved ones, and this made me realize that I had a real problem.

As of today I am going to pull myself away from the stress of the Minecraft world and only play the game leisurely because I do not want to get back into that addiction cycle again. I hope that this isn't too hard on this community and rest assured, I will still be playing on every server regularly.

Have fun y'all!


  1. InsaneJ's Avatar
    Well good, you were working way too hard. Glad to see you're taking it easy

    I've started putting up teleporters on the FTB server. Put one next to your nether portal. And I made some changes to your diamond machine because all those loose items bouncing around were getting on my nerves

    Hope to see you soon
  2. wordie101's Avatar
    I told you you was becoming addicted ;-).... Hope you have a good rest and try to enjoy the game again mate ...I know how you feel sort of ...the admin side must be stressful and with the just being a mod on the old towny server drove me nuts some days and ended up not coming on to have to deal with all the stress and arguing when all wanted to do was just play the dam game ...take as long as you want mate we will take it on and hopefully by the weekend I will have some sort of system up and running so can get online and play and try to do some sort of work on the servers to take the stresses away and help you on the path of recovery with minecraft addiction ..see you on online bud ...

    just a quick question are you giving up recording as well ???
  3. DOM's Avatar
    I think I will keep on recording, but not on a schedule. I just don't want minecraft to take over 10 hours of my day anymore.
  4. wordie101's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DOM
    I think I will keep on recording, but not on a schedule. I just don't want minecraft to take over 10 hours of my day anymore.
    That's cool then ... I need to get back into a scedule for recording and suppose I will need to get some vids up for the web page
  5. InsaneJ's Avatar
    10 hours is a bit much. But I'm not judging!

    Mupje and I have set an alarm clock so we don't play through the night. Although sometimes we seem to forget we have to actually stop playing after we turn the alarm off...

    I hope you'll still enjoy recording stuff once in a while. If it's too much work to think about what you'll record next, then I'll volunteer myself as subject of your recordings. Seeing me blow my factory to bits is always hilarious... you know you want to ^^

    Oh! I know! We'll set off a couple of nukes somewhere. Maybe all around Ryan's base. He made a lot of it out of obsidian, let's see how blast proof it all is
  6. Marius49's Avatar
    You need to relax a little, Minecraft is not good at some times since it makes the time fly like lightning and then you realize you lost so much...
    Anyway listen this it will make you feel better