Youtube Plans

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Hey y'all! I've done some thinking about how I want to continue my YouTube channel and have come up with an idea that might be good for everyone. My plan starts with creating a new single player world in 1.5. This is gonna be very different from what I have done in the past as I plan on involving the viewer in everything that is done on that world. All interesting stuff will be filmed and posted to YouTube, while everything in between will be streamed on Twitch. I think that this will be a fun experience and that people would be able to enjoy watching me on a more regular basis instead of waiting for my next video to release.

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  1. InsaneJ's Avatar
    Sounds good

    I have a suggestion: play on the Vanilla server. That way people can also come visit and see what you're doing first hand.
  2. DOM's Avatar
    I really want to do that too. I'm not a huge fan of FTB right now. Makes my head hurt... I'll try to stay as vanilla as possible for right now. Small World and Vanilla until 1.5 comes out.
  3. wordie101's Avatar
    Cool well I will be following you as much as possible ...I don't seem to be able to use twitch tv on the iPad though let me guess its flash based player ????
  4. InsaneJ's Avatar
    Flash is good, flash is fine. Steve Jobs was an idiot for doing his best to kill it. After a while we'll be moving over to HTML5 based video players, they suck compared to flash
  5. talon6758's Avatar
    Aww, I miss DOM in Small World. Also, has anyone seen Nexy_Boy on lately? A bit of his arena was removed exposing some redstone. I used co-inspect and apperently it was a fire. I don't want to rebuild it cause I might mess it up.