Coding Break

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As some of you guys know, I've been writing the plugin that we are planning on using on the Secret Project. This has been a nonstop endeavour for me these past few days specifically. But, tomorrow I'm taking a break from it for the day.

After a very long day of programming today, I headed off to class. After I had left the apartment and gotten into my car I noticed that I was not feeling well and started to wonder why... I then remembered that I had only coffee all day long and I was be at school until 10pm. Not fun...

So, yeah I need a break for a day...
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  1. InsaneJ's Avatar
    That's not good. Make sure you eat healthy and regularly. Here, have one of these. It'll make you feel better

    ^click it, you know you want to^
  2. DOM's Avatar
    That looks like an amazing breakfast right now...
  3. InsaneJ's Avatar
    My heart flutters and I get shivers when I look at that awesome burger...
  4. demman8's Avatar
    No bacon. That burger is unacceptable.
  5. wordie101's Avatar
    yuck it has veg on it... keep the peppers cheese and beef( assuming that's what it is ..mainly horse over here at mo )add more meat cheese sauce and more meat and some more cheese just in case oh some bacon for sure as i agree its unacceptable and a little more meat ....and serve me 2 im feeling a bit faint myself
  6. talon6758's Avatar
    True, it needs bacon, less lettuce more meat and cheese, fry it, stick french fries in there, cover it with cheese sauce, then feed it to a cat. I'd like to see that. (If the cat doesn't eat it, I will. Trust me, I will.) Also whats the Secret Progect? Or am I not supposed to know yet?
    Updated 21st March 2013 at 02:53 by talon6758