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For a little while I did not play on the FTB server, but now it seems that is all I am playing on (minecraft related). So for the people that don't play with us on that server I wanted to make a small update on our progress.

Most of the players are living in a house at spawn, we share all of our resources and help each other build great things to make playing more fun. We have an almost limitless amount of both EU (industrialcraft energy) and MJ (buildcraft) thanks to Sverf, InsaneJ and Pernix. There is a very large amount of supplies that ate collected from multiple quarrys and deposited sorted into our storage room automatically. We have killed the dragon and are siphoning the dragon egg's energy. There is a load of monster spawners under the house that give us a steady stream of drops and xp in our brain in jars (thx Mupje). Currently we all kind of have grown into specific roles. I handle technical stuff, Sverf makes our base more epic (and our armor too), InsaneJ handles the resource supply, Mupje makes lots of magic stuff (and annoying wisps), Pernix gets lots of work done (while the rest of us play around). The other players live on their own, pathetic mortals...

Anyways, that is just a small glimpse into what the server had been up to. Now for what I am gonna do in the future.

First I plan on completing our efficient storage room. The current version is bulky and slow by my standards. The New storage system will be able to be expanded infinitely with no useful space being occupied by the units themselves. All items will be able to be seen and searched through with a single terminal window. All incoming items will be extracted from a single enderchest, with no pipes (yay less lag!), and can be extracted in any way needed. I want to also set up a whole room dedicated to autocrafting that can be activated by another terminal, just walk in, press a button, and walk out with whatevrr you need

That is a small glimpse into the project for FTB. But, I also plan on lots of other things (which I can't start this week):

New singleplayer series
Recording FTB again
Scheduled live streaming
Work on the HappyGuilds plugin and the Lobby Server

Lots of plans, not mcuh free time in my future, but we will get it done.


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  1. InsaneJ's Avatar
    I love you ^^

    Btw, don't forget wordie. He build the house and did a lot of work on the tree farm and biomass/biofuel production
  2. DOM's Avatar
    Oooops forgot. Sorry wordie. In my defense, I wrote this on a hurry before my class and I didn't have coffe yet. Actually I liked wordie's design so much that I'm using it for the shed. So there, wordie is important now.
  3. wordie101's Avatar
    I feel so important now no it's fine WE all done so much have other idea for extensions and projects for housing and community areas and a transport system using the trains mod ..nearly filled the a4pad I had brought in to make notes and sketch on ...lots of buildings and floor plans ... And material combinations but as Dom reducing his work load means more for all of us to do hehe