First Blog and Future Plans

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Hello everyone! This is my first blog post i ever made on this website since its release... so I try to make it as good as I can.

I've been doing a lot of stuff since I came back from my trip. Recently I've been playing on the Vanilla Server since my old PC can't handle FTB, so i wanted to make that one as good as I can for other people that want to give vanilla a chance again.

I made the spawn house and a few farms around there with a little help from RJS1997 with materials and other stuff I needed (THX btw ).
Also made a room system so we can all live together, share stuff and do wonderful things on that island.

There are 4 more rooms available ATM so go and claim them before its too late . I will make more soon so leave me a word so I know around how many rooms I need to make to finish the room hallway and start something nice there (it's a secret for now)

Now about the future plans. First of all I need to complete my new rig and to do that I'll get a GPU these days. After its complete I'll try to start recording of our servers and maybe some other games I missed playing like Far Cry 3, Crysys 3 and other great games maybe even older ones that people forgot in time. Also need to start a project... can't say what it is for now but it's something big so shhhhh

This is all I want to say for now. See ya all later with updates!
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  1. InsaneJ's Avatar
    It's nice so see you started blogging

    I'll drop by the Vanilla server soon and start recording a couple of episodes there. I don't have any ideas for a new project yet so if anyone has a brilliant idea please share.
  2. Marius49's Avatar
    I think I have something for you but better get a pickaxe first and start digging .
    I'll show you what to do when I see you on.