YouTube Planification

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Some of you may or may not heard that I will start recording for my brand new YouTube channel so I wanted to share or better say spoil a few plans I made.

I will start recording next month when I will get a brand new headset to be sure the audio quality will be nice and clear and also because the old ones are "dead".

What I plan to record in the first few videos:
  • Introduction video - reserved for other explanation like what I'll do on this channel and also make a quality test
  • Hunger Games Series - I will try to make at least 1 of those per day or at least from 2 to 2 days
  • HappyDiggers Vanilla Server Series
  • FTB Videos with crazy inventions and nuke explosions everywhere (+ RJS making fun of J ^^)
  • Solving Adventure Maps
  • And some zombie survival on MineZ (maybe)

That's pretty much what I plan for Minecraft videos. I will also try and do some walktroughs of those brand new games: Bioshock Infinite, FarCry 3, Crysis 3 but I won't forget the old good games too so expect to see some Skyrim and Borderlands 2 videos as well.

Cya next month with updates and I'm sure you will be surprised.
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  1. InsaneJ's Avatar
    Awesome! Looking forward to seeing some of your videos
  2. RJS1997's Avatar
    I will play minez with you if you would like