Early Morning Coffee

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Been a while since I have written here, so I'm gonna take this opportunity to enlighten the peasants.

To wrap up my recent events in a small package... would take a very large box (and a lot of postage). Last week was taken over by my participation in a friend's wedding along with working my "normal" job. This week is featured by work and a release of the Lobby Server on Friday. SO, I plan on taking a personal day on Sunday (the only day I have off after working Friday and Saturday for 12+ hours/day). In the very near future starts my busy season for work (Summer Camp) and my time online will probably only be on the weekends. I will try to maintain a presence on the forums over those 11 weeks though.

Ok, so now that all of the negative stuff is out of the way, we can start to talk about the FUN stuff!

Recently I purchased a copy of "Don't Starve". That game is a lot of fun and I would recommend it to any person that likes a genre similar to Minecraft. Just in case you guys are worried about how well it plays, I will be streaming it in my off time from the servers. Other games that I will play on stream in my off time include: Need for Speed: Most Wanted, SimCity (the new one), Portal 2, and any other game that I feel like playing that day...

Well that's it. I'm still alive and kicking, just busy.

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