Weekly Blog 3-21-14

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Woot! Weekly Drive links to Weekly Blog!

This blog was an idea that I had last week after I had already released the Weekly Drive. So now that its a new week, I get to write what I want here!

Recently I have been tied up with school work (homework, labs, reports, tests, lectures) so I haven't been as active as I have in the past with the HappyDiggers Community. I am sure that you guys understand, but I kind of miss the countless hours of debugging plugins and crash reports.

Most of the free time that I have now is dumped into "fun" games that I have acquired over the years or spending time with my fiancee. Most of the time that my computer is on I am not even the one using it. School for both of us gets in the way of games and relaxation at home. But in a year we will both be done and off to contribute to the world of engineering with real jobs.

Recent games that I have been interested in: Batman Arkham Asylum (played the whole way though for the nth time), Lego Marvel Super Heroes (really fun and easy to play while drunk), Space Engineers Survival Mode, Minecraft HappyDiggers AMP mod pack (haven'e played much because of connection issues).

Anyways, I plan on writing a blog each week to go with the Weekly Drive video, so expect to see more of these.

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