Weekly Blog 5-2-2014

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I tried! I really did! I tried to keep up with the vLog series in these past weeks, but I ended up getting too busy/distracted to record it. The past few weeks have been especially hard on me mentally and emotionally.

This week I get back into the groove of recording AHEAD of time. I have a couple more videos recorded that will be scheduled to release over the next few weeks and if I record something in between them it will be released on a Wednesday of that week. Currently recorded videos:

  • DOM Plays - Banished
  • DOM Plays - Don't Starve

I plan on recording another "DOM Plays" episode or two today and recording footage for an upcoming "Kerbal Realism" episode. I also want to record another TFC session to be able to get a few more of those on the good ol' YouTubez.

Just like in my videos, I want to do a past/present/future with my personal life.

As I said before, I had a hard past few weeks. My work and school schedule kept me physically and mentally exhausted. I did not feel the enjoyment in the thought of recording something for you guys, so I didn't. Then Easter came along...

On the Saturday before Easter I was working a public event and was given some very bad news. A co-worker that was admitted to the hospital earlier that week was found to have a life threatening disease. He is a strong kid and will be receiving treatments for the next year.

I see him as family. I have known him since he was 5 and participated in almost every program that I have worked since then. He just turned 16 and started working with me this year. I am hopeful that he will make it though his treatments and cant wait to give him a hard time for missing so much work!

Currently I am sitting at my desk at about 7:30 in the morning with an empty cup of coffee. This week has been a nice break away from school/work and I have accomplished basically nothing. This is not a bad thing at all! I needed to unwind from the past few weeks. Yesterday I managed to record 2 episodes of "DOM Plays" and plan on recording more today.

Recently we have been working on a new "Vanilla" minecraft server for the public. As of writing this blog, that server is still in the testing phase and will not be released until we are sure it is up to the HappyDiggers' standards.

In the near future in a pleasant weekend waiting for me. I plan on getting some "Kerbal Realism" footage recorded along with upgrading the communications satellites off camera. (I will record one launch and show off the new satellite design in a short segment)

In the far future lies a summer of continuous work. As a result, the amount of episodes that will be recorded might hit an all time low. This summer presents some interesting challenges that I really don't look forward to...

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