Putting this blog page to use :: I'm baaaaaaaack.

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Hey guys, the Australian's back... Kinda sorta!

Yes, you read that right. I haven't forgotten about you lot... Even though I haven't been keeping in touch, nor have I been checking the website. I'm what? About 2 months behind. It's pretty slack of me but I have some sort of an excuse. I'll try to catch up, but that may take me a while yet. Anyway, thought I'd put this blog page to use and explain myself a little since I don't think I really told people much about myself a part from "Sexy Australian". Not what I was doing or anything like that anyway.

I don't know where to start either. Whatever, this isn't a storybook. It doesn't need a plot. But what I do want to get out of the way is what I've been doing with myself now, which is also partly why I disappeared.

Currently I'm studying at University, and am undergoing my first semester of a bachelor of Engineering. Yes I'm one of those people :P. I've been flat out like a lizard drinking, and been doing what I can to not do what I did at high school, which was nearly nothing haha. Anyway, I'm pretty sure I've got the feel of things now, and my whole 1 week of mid-semester break is coming up. Keen to catch up here if I can, and if time permits, get my party on.

Anyway, the course is decent. The majority of the lecturers/tutors are good teachers and friendly people, but there are some that are just that dry to listen to that they could put you asleep after you're 25th consecutive cup of coffee. The content is alright as well, but it does come across as very basic. Something I was keen on was learning computer speak. Learning how to run, operate, and program in MatLab (not sure what language it is but its handy nevertheless). I was also keen on getting my 'free' laptop. Its decent, but isn't far ahead of my older ones. Ah well. :P

Anyway, I'll stop going on about all that. To be fair a lot of the people who read this forum probably don't even know who I am. I don't blame them either hahaha :') But that's what I've been doing with myself lately in any case.

So that's what I've gotten myself into for the next 4 years, but hopefully I'll be able to join in on this new Vanilla world I've heard about and catch up with everyone. Gonna have to flex the ol' building muscles again. Hoepfully I still got it haha

Well, I'll finish up. I'll see you lot around. Might try catching a few of you on teamspeak!


  1. Heptagon_ru's Avatar
    Awesome to see ya back, mate!
  2. InsaneJ's Avatar
    Ah yes, university. The place where all the students pretend to be extremely busy. Just wait until you get a job, wife, kids, mortgage weighing down you on. Fun times ahead!

    Glad to hear from you though. The new Vanilla map is nice. We're doing quite a bit of community work around spawn. And it looks like this time we're actually getting some nice railroad action. Partly because I made it a rule that if people settle away from spawn they are obligated to build a powered railroad back to spawn.

    Anyway, hope to see you on soon
  3. Marius49's Avatar
    Welcome back mate! I'll hand over a drink to you when you hop in on vanilla. Maybe I'll build a bar near spawn just for that.
  4. Pernix_8D's Avatar
    Before I do anything I gotta figure out whether I'll actually be able to play online without spending a fortune haha. I have to pay for my own internet (which at the moment is a cheapo prepaid one you plug into the wall). I have no real way of metering it either so if you have any idea on how much I'd use per hour or whatever that'd be handy to know! If not I may have to wait a tad bit longer to play :P