The Jukebox for TFC 2

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The Jukebox for TFC 2 Well...some suggestions for crafting recipe

Updated 11th June 2016 at 21:16 by galros



  1. Heptagon_ru's Avatar
    Aargh, this is bloody marvelous! )) You should post it on TFC forum, as a suggestion for TFC 2!!! Well, there is chance that devs will not get the fun and be angry at you, but maybe they would be happy ))
  2. galros's Avatar
    Yes, maybe I should do it
    I haven't suggestions for the crafting recipe. Rocks looks like marble, that's all I've for now.
    It's nice music too. And if someone doesn't get enough of it, here comes a piece of 10 hours Enjoy!
  3. InsaneJ's Avatar
    Very nice
  4. Heptagon_ru's Avatar
    The crafting recipe should be ridiculousely complicated, and involve lot of (anvil) work. This will increase the pathos of the suggestion. Usually people on TFC forum are proposing some real-life necessary things and try to simplify them, preserving only believeableness. Proposing a kinda luxury/useless thing with much detail and work required will make the suggestion stand out.

    E.g. one steel ingot makes 4 balls, so you need to make 250 ingots and make each one into 4 balls. Lot of lumber (not planks), like 6 stacks. Additional color (blues) steel for sound surfaces and funnels.
    12 funnels and 12 impact sound panels. So 24 blue steel ingots.
    One music disk (I guess they are still obtainable from creepers shot by skellies?).
    Stack of rope. What for tubes? 12 tubes. Guess just leather will do. Oh, new receipe for cutting a tube from leather: first cutting a rectangle, then sewing into tube. So 12 leather.

    Now how to compose on crafting grid? I guess all the recipes take one of ingridients in the grid.... Maybe a coalpit-like? E.g. place all the ingridients into a chest, smack the chest with a hammer - you get the machine with a quern-like handle on a side. Right-click the handle - machine plays.
  5. galros's Avatar
    Wow! ^^ You blow up my mind It is absolutely necessary to try this idea on TFC forum
  6. Heptagon_ru's Avatar
    Well, please be careful I don't want you to get any heat from TFC devs for this joke ))