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Thread: Horrible Grief

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    Horrible Grief

    Well they they have gone and done it. My entire room is blown up. lost my floor, redstone from my door, and the sticky pistons I needed. I entirely blame ligemyster and mabye ryan. J told us not to fight so I stopped. They didn't. Roadie and TD were on at the time. Roadie heard multiple TNT explosions. They were set up to ignite when I walked through my door. I curse the lack of a core protect tool on this server. Once again, the pic of it I have gets a red ! when I try to upload it. TD is helping me rebuild. But I am extremely angry. I know also for a fact it could not have been multiple creepers because there was nobody in my room. And if they were in the cave under my room, they would not have seen me and blown up. There is a giant hold in my floor, TD put cobble over it but I still lost things I need. If you want me to post a pic, please tell me how because as I have said it gets a red ! when I try to upload.

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    Well, that's not good. I for one, push the removal of Ryan and Lige. Mainly to see what they would say.

    Another thing, Core Protect is a plugin, and the vanilla server doesn't use plugins. It is straight up vanilla minecraft.

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    We'll see if it comes to that demman.

    James and mocking: thank you for your opinions, you're both not on the whitelist and you're both not helping at all.

    Griefing is not allowed on our Vanilla server. I'll talk to Ryan and lige and see if and why they did this. Those two should know better...

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    talon i am so sorry. yesterday i let my little brother have a play on the server when noone else was online. i thought he'd just run around the buildings but turns out he'd remembered how to use redstone and tnt. i'm so sorry for what he did. let me know if you lost anything and i'll be sure to replace it for you

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    And he will clean your house, pick up the laundry, and bake you cake

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    Okay umm number 1 after j said leave you alone we did i didnt bother one other time. I went over to TD's house and asked if she wanted any help... She said"no thanks i am basicly done then as soon as flying left ryan and i went to go play league. Soon after i log back on and was talking to TD again i go back to my house and start to add some more redstone things. Then after that YOU ask to come into my house to see it. I allowed you an after i logged off i went to bed and havent play since. So if i were you talon get your freaking facts correct before blaming a bunch of bullshit on me and ryan.

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    We know what happend already lige. You and Ryan didn't do anything wrong.

    The problem lies with that unreliable flyinginstyle who was dumb enough to let someone else play with his account

    Since we're a small group of players on Vanilla, I would suggest that lige, Ryan and Talon find a way to get along. So for now it might be best to simply avoid pranks and jokes since they are a sensitive subject

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    Ok, I am sorry I blamed ryan and lige, I assumed it was them because we had a disagreement. I didn't lose anything though. Flying, give your brother a small spanking -)

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    I removed off-topic replies that were basically hi-jacking this thread.

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