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    Talking My Whitelist App

    Minecraft name ownedskila Age:16 Why would you like to play on our server? I need a good quiet server that i can play on, make builds that make the server look good. Build a house you know average minecraft stuff. Will you help us make the server a fun place for this community? Yes. i can do that by helping out whenever asked by doing anything to help admins, owner(s) Mods Players anyone if i can. i could also help with big builds and i hope you find this application good and you add me to your server. I really need this server I cant Stand the average public servers with all the griefers and what not. Please add me your my only hope!lol! additional information- Also DOM i have subscribed to ur vids and i have posted moral boosting comments! skype name camachamelion2, IRL name David, also i have a broken mic and Email and ask if you want to know anything else ~ownedskila~
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    Good job, if this application isn't replied to, try placing one on the given forum. To find it, go to the forum page at click 'whitelist applications' then click 'small world'

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    He also applied in the correct forum and topic and has been added to the whitelist.

    I'm locking this thread so to not confuse everybody with several thread about applying to the whitelist

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