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    Reserving frequencies and enderchest color codes

    In this thread you can reserve wireless redstone frequencies and color codes for ender chests. Everyone can reserve blocks of 500 frequences for bases/people living together. Please reserve your frequencies in blocks like this: 1000 - 1499, not 1000 - 1500.

    Player wireless redstone Tesseract Ender chests
    InsaneJ 4000 – 4499 700 – 799 *any color* – Gray – *any color*
    ethe 4500 – 4999 Yellow – white – yellow
    Jiro 3000 – 3499 100 – 149 *any color* – Blue – *any color*
    Sverf 300 – 349 *any color* – Black – *any color*
    Heptagon 3500 - 3999 150 -199 *any color* - Brown - *any color*
    Pernix 1500 - 1999 0 - 99 *any color* - Purple - *any color*
    RX 2000 - 2499 200 -249 *any color* - Green - *any color*

    Other networks:
    Player Ender chests Purpose
    Everybody Blue_White_Blue Trade network
    Mupje to Everybody Blue_Gray_Blue Food network. Get yummy free food here. Seriously, take it. She enjoys making more

    I'm reserving the following for the home at spawn:
    Wireless redstone frequencies:
    4000 - 4499

    And the following color codes for our ender chests:
    *any color* - Gray - *any color*

    The following names we're using for Tesseracts and Dimensional Tranceivers
    700 - 799

    Logistics Pipes sattelite IDs
    100 - 199

    Please add your reservations here so we don't accidentally overlap

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    This is for Joe and I...

    We are reserving frequencies 2000 - 2499. (which we have been using for a while now)

    also as of ender chests;

    Using: Yellow - Blue - Yellow
    (Light) Blue - Magenta - Black

    For Upcoming plans: Magenta - white - Magenta
    Black - Blue - Black

    I haven't tested the latter two, so if any problems please inform me so we can change as soon as possible, thanks.

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    Joe and my portals colour will be the default one, meaning the first one on the list and that is labelled default portal gun. sorry for any inconvenience

    Smiffi95 and Dav1dJo3.

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    Red-Orange-Yellow for my lava Endertank.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dylan4ever View Post
    Red-Orange-Yellow for my lava Endertank.
    We don't have a FTB based server anymore. Us VIP get access to the AMP Server . Find all information on the AMP thread in the VIP subfourm

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    ethe, I edited your range to 4500-4999. Wireless redstone frequencies don't go above 5000 for some reason. Sorry for giving you the wrong range

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    i thought the ender chests and ender tanks locked to specific player with diamond or is it bugged ?

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    Ender chest colors are not player specific. It has always been like that, and it is the way it's supposed to work

    Locking ender chests with diamonds is a different matter. When playing on a server where people share their ender chest networks, reserving color codes helps us to avoid a mess when people connect a quarry to an ender chest network meant to supply a nuclear reactor with uranium rods for example.

    It's the same with wireless redstone frequencies. You don't want someone's door switch to turn off the safety switch of a nuclear reactor for example.

    That's why we have this thread. People can reserve (within reason) all the color codes and frequencies they use

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