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    Difficulty change on Towny Server

    I would like to know what setting we should play on in the towny server. It seems like the fun is taken out of it on easy... Please vote for the difficulty that you think is the most fun!

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    RE: Difficulty change on Towny Server

    I love easy. These mobs have been messing me up...

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    RE: Difficulty change on Towny Server

    I like normal, because it is a gamemode in which it is not too hard, while it still challenges the player mentally and makes gameplay much more interesting than easy.

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    RE: Difficulty change on Towny Server

    I voted normal because with hard I always, ALWAYS, die when I'm heading back after a large haul in the mines. You know the situation, inventory's full, just enough room to get that last iron ore, or gold, or lapis lazuli. And then when you head back a creeper explodes, or you try swimming in lava, or can't find your way back and try to swim up from the bottom of the ocean but suffocate 2cm from the surface

    Combat with hostile mobs isn't my cup of tea, it's too sluggish and cumbersome. For the rest it's just adding to the environmental hazards out there. Normal, imo, will do fine thank you

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    RE: Difficulty change on Towny Server

    hard to be hard challenge in other settings lol
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