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    [4S] Sad Sad Sob Story

    Ownedskilla and Skydiver have griefed me! Here are some pics !

    Ownedskilla griefed my mob grinder. Skydiver griefed my oasis. Please reply as quik as possible admins!

    Name:  2013-05-01_13.40.10.png
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Size:  138.2 KBName:  2013-05-01_13.43.00.png
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    Please don't put this in the whitelist application thread. That thread is just for whitelist applications as you may have guessed

    It didn't look like it was malice. But boya could have placed his chest a little more out of the way though

    The damage has been fixed.

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    Hi, Ava, I'm sorry to hear this. I send you a PM to put things a little bit more in context.

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