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    I think the Aether dimension is messed up on the RPG server. Typically it is supposed to spawn Zephyrs which are flying creatures that blow you around but i'm seeing instead 'Pet Spider Lv.0' which do the Zephyr attack of blowing you around. I wonder if the issues with the Aether are fully or in part due to incorrect monsters spawning. Would resetting the Aether dimension fix that problem?

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    It wouldn't surprise me at all if there's a problem with the Aether

    The current version we're running is pretty unstable. Hopefully the issues will be fixed in a new release.

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    For the new version, i'd like to suggest that the Asgard Shield mod be added. It fits with the theme and would allow a party member to fulfill a tanking role (especially with a wide bladed sword)

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    I would consider adding it, but it looks like the mod author has been inactive for about 3 months now. That is never a good sign, especially since he hasn't updated to 1.6.x yet.

    I'm not sure if I'm going to keep a separate 1.5 and 1.6 version of RPG or that I want to keep both versions as similar as possible. If I knew for sure that the FTB launcher would update "soon" then I'd just move on to 1.6. But since the promise of "soon" was made weeks ago, I doubt it'll actually be here soon.

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    new mods

    After talking we have come to a new mod list of what is going to be removed and what is going to say
    GONE staying new
    *aether 2 aquaculture arcane scrolls
    *animal bikes ars magica balcon weapons mod
    custom npc backpacks harvest craft
    gems+ better bows beer mod
    *more player models better breeding Erebus mod
    *player api better dungeons
    *runic dust mod better storage
    *twitchtv irc BiblioCraft
    *thirst mod biomes 0' plenty
    *smart movment chickenbones mods
    dungeon mobs
    enhanced portals 2
    infernal mobs
    inventory tweaks
    jammy furniture mod
    koi mod
    minegicka 2
    not enough item(NEI)
    PAM'S WEEE flowers
    pet bats
    project zulu
    rpg inventory
    tinkers construct
    the camping mod
    zan's minimap(voxal minimap)
    &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&
    are ratings looking in to looking for
    craftory Thirst Mod that dos not use player api
    adds a few blocks to make the game cooler better building something that is buildcraft but fits are theme of the server
    just looking for dumd things to make the game a little more fun better wood
    extanded workbench
    for thos there shops Shelf 1.6.2
    this would work will with shops alchemy++
    a big mod for bigger thoughts MineFantasy
    if you would like to see something in the mod pack please leave
    the name of the mod
    a url to the forum or mod webpage
    a url to the wiki if there is one
    if you can please tell use why we should have it
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    Please dont get rid of smart moving unless it causes stability problems. It takes some getting used to, but the climb, boost jump and crawl abilities are useful once you get used to the controls for them. I've used [ctrl] to do ledge grabs on jumps that I could not normally make (like long gaps or high hills) and have broken into mage towers and houses by crawling through gaps in the walls.

    Also you mentioned removing playerAPI. Some mods depend on player API and removing it will prevent some mods from being added to the pack. What's wrong with player API?
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    I've played millenaire before. TBH its a bit of a grindy mod and most of what the player will be doing in the mod is gathering resources on behalf of villagers in order to grow the village. I find it to be really boring, personally, but I guess I can see that some people will really like to attach themselves to a village and RP it and take pride in having a fully developed village with all the services (many hands make light work). Could work but it's a huge mod and there could very well be a lot of mod conflicts.
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    The reason to remove PlayerAPI is that it overwrites Forge base classes on which other mods depend. Basically it's not hooking into forge like normal mods do. This can cause severe stability issues and that is exactly what we're trying to avoid this time around.

    We can try to keep it in, but I'll make no promises.

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    if at this point in the rpg server you have animal bike and the server crashes you will fall thro the world end-less-ly kill your self using the command and it will save you it is a bug. once agen the aether has flying cows the shot the crap out of use and spider what the hay
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    Craftory looks like a simplified Pam's Harvestcraft but with much improved fishing. That's great actually, the fishing system needs to be improved and Pam's harvestcraft has far too many food types and is actually very grindy. I don't think it would be fun in an RPG pack to spend all day farming (thats the reason I quit playing Magic Farm), though it would be nice for some people to take up farming and selling food to adventurers as a part-time gig. They could very well do that with Craftory.

    Additionally, it might be nice if there were some kind of mead or ale that one can drink to be granted some temporary buffs.

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